When I was younger, I played make believe; it was encouraged, and they say my imagination, vocabulary, and motor skills were better developed thanks to it.

Have you ever been in the grocery store and seen a little kid dressed in a superhero or princess costume and thought they were adorable? Or, did you have a costume birthday party, like my big-head little cousin in the picture above? Have you ever seen a teenager prancing around the grocery store in a costume and thought how adorable? Probably not, because at some point, pretending to be someone else, especially a character that wasn’t real, became frowned upon and discouraged.

I haven’t worn a costume in years, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t gone out into the world wearing a mask. I have often pretended to be someone and something I was not. Not so much another person,¬†but I’ve worn the mask of confidence before, I’ve faked a smile, I’ve pretended that I wasn’t sad or angry. I own an entire line of ‘everything’s ok’ masks.

These days however, I walk around with my face more and more. If I’m happy, sad, content, mad, etc. I wear that face in front of the world. The more I walk around as the person I truly am, my authentic self, and not what or who I pretend to be, the more I’ve noticed that my mask-less face and disposition is actually one of joy.

Join me in changing the face of make believe. Leave your masks with the Halloween decorations and show the world the real you.